Hire a Surfboard

You can hire a surfboard on the Gold Coast from a few surf shops, most have beginner soft boards and older well used mini mals. If you want to hire a quality surfboard at a very reasonable price then check out the quiver of boards available on the Gold Coast Surfboard Hire website. You can hire a surfboard by the day or week or even longer.

The problem with hiring a surfboard from a surf shop is you have to find the shop, which can be painful if you don’t have a car.  Then you don’t know what surfboards they have available and you’ll probably end up renting something you don’t want, plus you have to work in with their opening and closing times.

Hire a surfboard

hire a surfboardIf you want the best surfboard hire on the Gold Coast let us know where you are staying and when you want to hire a surfboard and we will deliver it to you. Our specialised surfboard hire service offers free delivery and pick up.

This is where we differ from the surf shops on the Gold Coast, we do a surfboard hire run that stretches from  Main Beach to Coolangatta including Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, Tugun, Kirra and Rainbow Bay. Choose your rental surfboard from the boards that are available on the website, let us know the dates, the address and then arrive and we’ll meet you there.

You can hire a surfboard from as little as $55 for a one day rental. Surfboard hire prices are by the day or week, $55 for a day or $120 for 1 week. We believe this is the cheapest way to hire a surfboard on the Gold Coast.

There are some surf schools and surf shops that hire by the hour or half day, this can be a very expensive way to hire surfboards, plus you’ll probably be stuck surfing a beginners soft board or waterlogged plastic surfboard. Gold Coast Surfboard Hire is a specialised surfboard hire business that caters for the needs of travelling surfers. Whether you are staying for a day or week we can help you out. Check our the range of surfboards and reserve your rental surfboard today.

If you require surf lessons on the Gold Coast we recommend the 1st Wave Surf School at Main Beach. Contact them for private surf lessons, group learn to surf lessons, stand up paddle lessons and tours and SUP hire.

For any enquiries please contact Reagan on Mobile 0410 400 800

Burleigh Heads Surfboard Rental

Burleigh Heads surfboard rentalBurleigh Heads Surfboard Rental is the No.1 surfboard hire business with the biggest and best range of hire surfboards and offering free delivery to all Burleigh Heads holiday accommodation.

Burleigh Heads is a hot spot of the Gold Coast with a mix of cool trendy cafes and bars, restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, health shops, amazing fashion from local and international designers, takeaway joints and pizza shops. All of this is just across the road from Burleigh Headland which produces amazing surf, awesome coastal rainforest bush walks, picturesque picnic areas, kids playgrounds, surf club and a lifeguard patrolled beach.

Burleigh Heads Surfboard Rental is No. 1!

Booking holiday accommodation in Burleigh Heads is not too hard as there is a huge range to choose from, however finding Burleigh Heads surfboard rental is a bit more difficult. The Gold Coast is not like other beach destinations where you can just walk up to the beach and hire a surfboard. There are a few small surf shops in Burleigh that offer surfboard hire, but they have a limited range of mostly beginner surfboards and hire by the hour which is a very expensive way to rent a surfboard. Especially when you have a week of pumping surf and the weather is awesome.

Burleigh Heads Surfboard rental is provided by Gold Coast Surfboard Hire which boasts the best range of rental surfboards on the Gold Coast. Everything from 5’10” rounded pin performance shortboards, to 9’6″ malibus, beginner foamies, intermediate fishes,  mini mals, fun boards, body boards and wetsuits. There is approximately 100 rental surfboards in the quiver and all are current model good condition surfboards waxed up with leg ropes and ready to go.
Burleigh Heads surfboard rentalBurleigh Heads surfboard rental is only available through our unique delivery service, we do not have a shopfront or pick up address. You advise us of the surfboard you want, the dates you need it, and we deliver and pick it up from your holiday accommodation. This is the cheapest way to rent a surfboard at Burleigh Heads. Surfboard rental prices start from $55 for a 24 hour period and up to $120 for a week. During peak holiday periods most of the surfboards get rented out so make sure you reserve your rental surfboard. There’s no need to pay up front, we are surfers ourselves and understand all about the surf conditions, if the surf’s bad we won’t make you hire and pay for the board. But believe me, if Burleigh point is turning on 200 metre waves with stand up barrel sections you don’t want to be stuck on the wrong board.

Burleigh Heads has a huge range of holiday accommodation directly across the road from Burleigh Beach, some of the most popular located on Burleigh Heads Esplanade are:

Book you holiday accommodation and Burleigh Heads Surfboard rental at the same time. Check out the available surfboards on the website.

Reserve your Burleigh Heads Surfboard rental – Phone 0410 400 800


Currumbin Surfboard Rental

Currumbin Surfboard rentalCurrumbin Surfboard Rental can be arranged through Gold Coast Surfboard Hire which specialises in daily and weekly hire of current model quality surfboards. Currumbin Alley is one of the most popular surf breaks on the Gold Coast and probably the best and most popular learn to surf wave on the Coast. Currumbin has 3 surf schools offering a range of surfing lessons and the kids surf groms program is hugely popular because of the perfect waves protected from the onshore southerly winds.

We recommend beginner surfers contact one of the local surf schools at Currumbin and join some surfing lessons before hiring a surfboard. What you will learn in a 2 hour surf lesson will take you a fair while to work out by yourself. Once you get the basics of how to catch a wave and  stand up, and know a bit about the surf conditions, it is then time to arrange a surfboard rental.

Currumbin Surfboard Rental offers FREE DELIVERY

Currumbin surfboard rental is available by the day or week, but unfortunately not by the hour.  Gold Coast Surfboard Hire is a specialised hire business that caters for travelling surfers and holiday makers and provides FREE DELIVERY to all Currumbin holiday accommodation, but delivery is not available to Currumbin beach or the car park.

Currumbin Surfboard rentalCurrumbin surfboard rental has a range of beginner soft boards, kids foamies, mini mals, intermediate fishes and 9ft malibu longboards to cruise on the point. There’s also bodyboards and wetsuits for the cooler months. By hiring a surfboard for your entire holiday it means you can wake up and get amongst the waves nice and early, or hit the surf after hitting the theme parks all day, or maybe just laze around, hang at the beach, have a surf and not have to worry about returning your rental surfboard back to a shop and ruining your day at the beach.

Currumbin Surfboard Rental has over 50 surfboards available for you to choose from. Select your surfboard from the website and advise the dates you need and the name of your holiday accomodation at Currumbin and the surfboard will be delivered to you.

Some of the most popular holiday accomodation in Currumbin is

Currumbin Surfboard rental is available by the day or week is the cheapest and most convenient way to hire a board. Prices start from $55 for 24 hours, generally the surfboard is delivered to you late in the afternoon and you have it for the entire next day and the board is picked up again late in the afternoon. The most popular surfboard rental option is 5 days for $100.

If you don’t want the hassle of carrying your surfboard on the flights and paying expensive excess luggage, contact Gold Coast Surfboard Hire and reserve your surfboard. This might sound funny but it’s not that easy to find good quality hire surfboards on the Gold Coast, Currumbin Surfboard Rental is the easiest way, the cheapest way and we have the biggest and best range of rental surfboards on the Gold Coast.

Currumbin Surfboard Rental HOTLINE – 0410 400 800

Your ring, we bring!!!

Rainbow Bay Surfboard Rental

Rainbow Bay Surfboard RentalRainbow Bay Surfboard Rental is available from $55 for 24 hours. Offering the biggest range of rental surfboards on the Gold Coast with free delivery to your holiday accommodation at Rainbow Bay, Greenmount, Coolangatta and Kirra.  Rainbow Bay surfboard rental is only available by the day or week and is the perfect option for travelling surfers and holidaying families.

Our extensive range of rental surfboards and experience means there is something for everyone, we have been involved in the surfing and tourism industry on the Gold Coast for over 20 years. Plus being born and bred on the Gold Coast we have a lifetime of local knowledge and are happy to share it with you.

Rainbow Bay is home to the famous Snapper Rocks super bank, one of the best waves in Australia, whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer you will want to get out there amongst the crowd and try and catch one of the best waves of your life.

Rainbow Bay Surfboard Rental with FREE Delivery

There are many good surf shops at Coolangatta just around the corner from Rainbow Bay that offer hourly surfboard rental, however when it comes to having a good quality surfboard and being able to choose the board you want, you can’t beat checking out the range on the Gold Coast Surfboard Hire website. You simply choose the surfboard you would like to hire, advise the dates that you want and it and the board is delivered to you at your holiday accommodation.

Rainbow Bay Surfboard RentalThe surfboard rental quiver consists of current model shapes from Firewire, Stuart surfboards, 7S, Napapa, Aloha, Super, Webber, Pro-Elite, Surftech, Softech and others. There’s also body boards, fins, wetsuits and a huge collection of kids foamies. Don’t bother with the hassle and cost of bringing your surfboard on your next holiday, its much more convenient and usually works out cheaper to rent a surfboard from us.

Gold Coast and Rainbow Bay Surfboard Rental is not a surf shop, but a specialised hire business that understand the needs of the travelling surfer. Whether you are just passing through town, here for a day or two on a business trip or convention, on the annual family holiday or on a weekend getaway. Whether it be for a day, a week or two weeks, if you need surfboard rental on the Gold Coast we can hook you.

Coolangatta is at the southern end of the Gold Coast and boasts to have some of the best surf in Australia. There is a huge range of holiday accommodation in the area including budget backpacker style hostels, large high-rise buildings, villas, luxury beachfront properties, cabins and tourist parks. You can stay at Rainbow Bay, Greenmount or Kirra and most accommodation is within walking distance to the beach and the awesome surf breaks.

Rainbow Bay Surfboard Rental prices start from $55 for 1 day and up to $120 for the week. All rental surfboards are current model boards in good condition and come waxed with legrope and an optional board sock cover. Hire a surfboard for your entire holiday and have it ready to go for whenever you want it. Its works out to be cheaper and much more convenient.

For Rainbow Bay Surfboard Rental Phone 0410 400 800.  

P.S. Don’t get disappointed and miss out on a cracking surf, during peak holiday periods when the surf is pumping and weather is good most boards get hired out.


Burleigh Heads Surf Shops

Burleigh heads surf shopsThe Burleigh Heads Surf Shops are located on the highway at Burleigh across the road from the park and the surfing beach. There are two core Burleigh Heads Surf Shops that are worth checking out if you are staying at Burleigh or visiting the area.

Hot Stuff Surf Shop is a small but authentic surf shop, some of the best surfers and surfboard shapers in the world have been linked to the Hot Stuff brand. In the 70’s and 80’s Hot Stuff was one of the biggest names in surfing and although their store may be small it is one of the iconic  brands in Australia surfing history.

100 metres up the road from Hot Stuff you will find Mt Woodgee Surf Shop, another iconic brand that has been producing quality surfboards for many years. Mt Woodgee stock a great selection of surfboards plus carry surf clothing, hardware and surf accessories from the big brand names. If you require anything to do with surfing at Burleigh these guys can help you out.

Visit the Burleigh Heads Surf Shops

These are the Burleigh Heads Surf Shops that we recommend, they have a strong local reputation and history with the surfers at Burleigh Point. Occasionally other surf shops open up and come and go, these guys have been around for a long time and are worth supporting if you are in the area.

Both of these Burleigh Head surf shops offer surfboard hire services and are perfect if you just want to hire a surfboard for a couple of hours or a quick surf, however if you want to hire a surfboard in Burleigh Heads for a full day, overnight or week please check out our great range of hire surfboards that we offer and deliver to your holiday accommodation at Burleigh Heads. All our hire surfboards are listed on the website and whether you wanted a performance shortboard, fish, mini mal, longboard or beginner soft board we have a rental surfboard for you.

Our specialised surfboard hire service operates differently to the Burleigh Heads Surf Shops and most other hire businesses. We deliver our surfboards to you and you can hire the surfboard for a few days or a week. It works out much cheaper to hire a surfboard for a daily or weekly rate rather than an hourly rate. Also don’t pay excess luggage fees to the airlines, it is much more convenient to have a surfboard delivered to you rather than travelling with your surfboard and risk it being damaged in flight.

If you are holidaying in Burleigh Heads you might want to check out the Burleigh Heads Surf Shops, but for convenient surfboard hire check out the range  of surfboards we have on our website (www.goldcoastsurfboardhire.com.au) , select the surfboard you would like to hire, there are photos and descriptions of all the boards, let us know the dates you need it, where you are staying and we will book the surfboard for you.

Surfboard Hire in Burleigh Heads is very popular during the school holidays and summer months, if you are planning a holiday and have a preferred surfboard please book your surfboard. You don’t want to arrive when the surf is pumping and not be able to get one of the best hire surfboards available on the Gold Coast. Prices are very reasonable and there are discounts for multiple boards.

If you require surfing lessons or stand up paddle hire we recommend the guys at 1st Wave Surf School, they are a small owner operated surf school that offer private and small group surf lessons daily plus SUP HIRE and paddle tours.

Phone enquiries welcome 0410 400 800


Holiday Surfboard Hire

holiday surfboard hireHoliday surfboard hire is available by the day or week. It is much cheaper to hire a surfboard than pay for excess luggage on a domestic flight, it’s also much more convenient to have the surfboard delivered to your holiday accommodation rather than having to try and squeeze it in the car or have it tied to the roof on your journey to the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast surf hire  caters for the entire Gold Coast area and as a specialised holiday surfboard hire business we will cater to your needs. Whether you want a high performance shortboard to rip up the waves at Snapper Rocks, Kirra and Burleigh or if you just want an easy longboard to trim along at the waves at Currumbin and Greenmount we will have a selection of quality hire surfboards for you to choose from. Our extensive quiver of surfboards includes shortboards, fishes, mini mals, fun boards, malibus, beginner soft boards plus we also have body boards and wetsuits available.

The Best Holiday Surfboard Hire

Our specialised holiday surfboard hire service will deliver a surfboard to you at your Gold Coast holiday accommodation, we deliver to Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, Kirra, Coolangatta and Rainbow Bay.  You can hire your surfboard by the day or week, you can even change of surfboard during the week to try different boards.

Holiday surfboard hire is very popular is the school holiday season, we recommend you select and book your preferred surfboard to avoid disappointment. Some of the most popular shapes are the Bender models from Stuart Surfboards at Mermaid Beach, we have four of these board available in sizes 6’0″, 6’1″, 6’2″ & 6’4″. The mini mals and beginner soft boards are also very popular with the amount of people who learn to surf whilst they are holidaying on the Gold Coast.

If you would like to have a surfing lesson during your holiday wee recommend the 1st Wave Surf School at Main Beach, they are an owner operated surf school on the northern Gold Coast beaches which have been running private and small group surfing lessons for over 16 years.

Holiday surfboard hire is also very popular with convention delegates staying in the Broadbeach area. You wouldn’t want to come to the Gold Coast for a convention and not have a surfboard with you. Convention delegates usually hire a surfboard for 2 or 3 days and squeeze in a morning surf before a long day at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

If you require holiday surfboard hire on the Gold Coast, select your surfboard from the range of boards we have listed on our website and let us know the dates you need it and the name of your holiday accommodation.