Body Board and Wetsuit Hire

Body Board and wetsuit hire is available from Gold Coast Surfboard Hire. We have body boards for kids and adults plus high performance body boards available. Whether you want one for a few hours, a few days or your entire holiday give us a call and we will deliver it to your holiday accommodation.  We have a large range of wetsuits for hire, most are short arm and short leg spring suits but we also have some full length steamer wetsuits available. Sizes range from kids size 6 to XXL for the bigger guys. Wetsuits are perfect to keep the kids in the water all day, plus they will make your day to the water parks much more enjoyable. When everyone else starts to feel the cold, with a warm wetsuit you can keep going all day. We offer free delivery for body board and wetsuit hire to all Gold Coast areas including Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Miami, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, Kirra and Coolangatta. Surfboard, Body Board and Wetsuit Hire If you want the kids to have a great time at the beach give us a call to discuss the body board and wetsuit hire options. Body Boards can be used in between the red and yellow flags and are great fun for all ages. Gold Coast Surfboard Hire also offer beginner surfboards for hire and can assist you with learn to surf lessons and stand up paddle hire at Budds Beach, Surfers Paradise and Main Beach. We recommend the 1st Wave Surf School for surfing lessons, they are small owner operated surf school that offer... read more

Surfboard Hire in Mermaid Beach

Mermaid Beach  is a beachside suburb centrally positioned in the middle of the Gold Coast. There is a large selection of holiday accommodation available including holiday resorts, budget accommodation and expensive beachside and beachfront homes. All holiday accommodation is within walking distance to the awesome waves and beautiful beaches and this is why you will need surfboard hire in Mermaid Beach. The are some good surf shops in the Mermaid Beach area including the local legends at Stuart Surf however the easiest way to get surfboard hire in Mermaid Beach is to contact us and we will deliver a surfboard to you at your holiday accommodation. Surfboard Hire in Mermaid Beach with FREE Delivery Mermaid Beach is a local residential beachside suburb which offers plenty to do for families, weekend getaways, convention delegates and annual holiday makers. But if you are a surfer you can’t beat waking up early and hitting the clean waves for a morning surf. Mermaid Beach is a beach break wave that is best when the waves are around 2 to 4 ft feet and the wind is blowing from the south west to north west direction. Generally these conditions are on offer in the early morning before the wind swings onshore. Being an open beach break it is a sand bottom with sandbanks coming and going and conditions regularly changing. If you need surfboard hire in Mermaid Beach check out the great range of surfboards we have available to hire including shortboards, fishes, mini mals, malibus, beginner soft boards plus body boards and wetsuits. Let us know the dates you want it and where you... read more

Gold Coast Surfing Beaches

It’s fair to say the Gold Coast surfing beaches has not only some of the best surf in Australia, but also in the world. In addition to the great weather all year round, the Gold Coast surfing beaches cater for all kinds of surfers. Whether you’re an experienced professional, or just beginner trying to learn, there are a number of breaks to choose from. Here are some recommended Gold Coast Surfing Beaches . Snapper Rocks – Located just above the New South Wales/Queensland border, this break is home to some of the best surfers in the world. The man made ‘Superbank’ hosts the annual Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro every year, and produces some of Australia’s most consistent waves. Gold Coast Surfing Beaches Kirra – When this break is working, it’s one of the best places to ride big waves. Not as good as it used to be due to a sand-pumping project, but when the conditions are right, it can’t be missed. Burleigh Heads – This break has one of the toughest rock jumps in the area, so make sure you’re careful heading in. Other than that, the right hand break is world class with a gorgeous national park backdrop. The Spit – One of the most consistent surfing spots in the Gold Coast. Located on the north end, it’s easy to get to and has a very reliable swell. ‘The Other Side’ (TOS) – This is the local nickname for the break off the northern side of Southport Seaway. The water drops away quite quickly, producing some good waves and shore-breakers. Surfers Paradise – It might not produce the best... read more

Beginner Softboards for Hire

We have an extensive range of surfboards including beginner softboards for hire. Beginner soft boards are a great option for those learning to surf as these surfboards are made of foam and rubber and are designed to help you catch waves and stand up. Because of their soft foam construction they are much safer for beginner surfers and generally people are more confident using a soft board than a harder fibreglass surfboard. The Softech beginner soft boards for hire in our quiver range in size from 6 foot to 9 foot, we find 6ft soft boards are great for kids under the age of 10 years. The 6’6″ and 7 foot boards are great for teenagers and the 7’6″ and 8 foot soft boards cater for most adult sizes. The larger 8’6″ and 9 foot soft boards are perfect for larger persons as the offer plenty of buoyancy. The beginner soft boards for hire are available mostly by the day or week, occasionally we can offer a 3 hour hire session however this will depend on location. It is a requirement that all beginner surfers have had a recent surfing lesson before they can hire a beginner soft board. Boards will not be hired to any person who does not have any surfing experience, most Gold Coast surf schools charge around $50 /$60 for a 2 hour beginner surf lesson, we recommend contacting the 1st Wave Surf School at Main Beach if you require any learn to surf lessons on the Gold Coast. BEGINNER SOFTBOARDS FOR HIRE The beginner soft boards for hire can be delivered to your holiday accommodation anywhere on the Gold... read more

Surfers Paradise Surf Hire

Surfers Paradise Surf Hire is available from a few shops in Surfers Paradise but the most convenient way to hire a Surfboard in Surfers Paradise or the Gold Coast is to choose the surfboard you want and have it delivered to your holiday accommodation. Surfers Paradise surf hire has a range of performance surfboards, beginner soft boards, mini mals, longboards, malibus, fishes, body boards, wetsuits and stand up paddle boards available for hire and with free delivery. Surf Hire is available by the day or week, the longer you hire the surfboard the cheaper it is, hourly surf hire in Surfers Paradise can be difficult to find and can be very expensive. Plus you have the hassle of waiting for opening hours, transporting your surfboard and they might only have  a limited range of well used surfboards to choose from. Surfers Paradise Surf Hire works with local and international surfboard shapers to have the best and current model surfboards available to hire. Stuart Surfboards at Mermaid Beach is a leading Gold Coast Surfboard shaper and we have a large selection of their surfboards, Firewire is an international brand using the latest technologies and Surfers Paradise Surf Hire working on a quiver of Firewire surfboards for hire. Surfers Paradise Surf Hire Surfers Paradise Surf Hire offers much more than the best surfboards with free delivery to your holiday accommodation in Surfers Paradise. As on owner operated business run by a local born and bred Gold Coaster I can offer the best advice and local knowledge, not just on equipment, surf predictions and where the best waves are, but restaurants, cafes, theme parks, activities, things to... read more

Mini Mal Surfboard Rental

Mini Mal surfboards are generally between 7 feet and 8 feet long and are perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers to progress their surfing skills. Mini mal surfboard rental is available from many Gold Coast surf shops but the easiest and most convenient way is to contact Gold Coast Surfboard Hire and we will deliver a mini mal to your holiday accommodation. Mini mals are designed to be nice and stable which will be more forgiving and help you stand to your feet, plus they will assist you with paddling and catching more waves. One the most popular rental surfboards in the quiver is the 7’6 mini mal, this is a great size which is not too small but also not too big. Mini mals cater for all sizes and abilities and can be surfed in the beginner whitewash waves but also taken out the back for those who are up to the stage of taking off on green unbroken waves. Mini Mal Surfboard Rental If you have a had some surfing lessons and played around for a while on the the beginner softboards you may be interested in progressing your skills with a mini mal surfboard rental. This is also a great way to try a surfboard before purchasing your first surfboard. We have a great range of Pro-Elite mini mals for hire , these mini mals are shaped locally on the Gold Coast by Stuart Surfboards at Mermaid Beach. They are quality Australian made surfboards unlike many cheap chinese imported mini mals you will find for sale. Mini mal surfboard rental on the Gold Coast is available by... read more

Surfboard Hire Gold Coast

Surfboard Hire Gold Coast is a specialised surfboard hire business that caters for the needs of all travelling surfers. Whether you need to hire a surfboard for a quick surf, a few days or for your entire holiday, we can help you out. Surfboard Hire Gold Coast has an extensive range of surfboards for you to choose from and all the boards are listed on the website in there current condition. You can can rest easy and not have to worry about hassle, cost and risk of travelling with your surfboard, simply browse through the range of rental surfboards that are on , select the surfboard you would like to hire and then advise us of the dates you would like to hire the board. With almost 20 years experience in the surfing and tourism industry and 40 years surfing experience on the Gold Coast Beaches ‘Reags’ from Surfboard Hire Gold Coast will be able to hook you up with the right board for your ability and the local conditions. Whether you would like to hire a 9ft malibu longboard for the cruisy southern point breaks or a mini mal to progress your surfing, “we’ve got the boards.” Shortboards, longboards, fishes, mini mals, beginner boards, kids foamies, body boards and wetsuits. Surfboards from 5’9 to 9’6  we have you covered. Surfboard Hire Gold Coast has the boards As a specialised surfboard hire service we operate different from surf shop rentals. We deliver rental surfboards to your holiday accommodation, we do not have a shop. We service the entire Gold Coast region and will deliver a surfboard to Southport,... read more

Gold Coast Surfboard Rental

Gold Coast Surfboard Rental is a specialised surfboard hire / rental  business that offers daily and weekly hire of quality surfboards from local and international surfboard shapers. Our specialised service offers free delivery to all coastal suburbs with expert advice and tips from Gold Coast born and bred surfers.     Gold Coast Surfboard hire has an extensive range of surfboards to hire including shortboards, Fishes, mini mals, fun boards, malibus, longboards, beginner soft boards, body boards and wetsuits. We deliver  surfboards to all areas including Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, Kirra, Rainbow Bay and Coolangatta.    Gold Coast Surfboard Rental offers FREE Delivery   Gold Coast Surfboard Hire can also assist you with Private Surf Lessons with #1st_Wave_Surf_School. 1ST WAVE offer personalised lessons for individuals, couples and small groups at Surfers Paradise and Main Beach on the northern end of the Gold Coast. Stand Up Paddle hire and lessons can also be arranged at Budds Beach in Surfers Paradise. For any surfing lessons, surfboard hire or stand up paddle enquiries contact Reagan today. Check out the surfboard Hire price click here Whether you be on a family holiday, corporate convention, weekend getaway, surf trip or just a  day trip, if you need a quality surfboard contact us first. we can save you the time of driving around surf shops trying to find one that does hire and then trying to find a suitable surfboard. It doesn’t get any easier than choosing the rental surfboard of our website, advising us the dates and location you want it and then we deliver it to you. We are a specialised surfboard... read more


Main Beach Surfboard Rental is available by the hour, day or week. Daily and weekly surfboard rental is not a problem and Gold Coast Surfboard Hire will deliver a surfboard to you at your holiday accommodation. Hourly surfboard hire can be a little bit more difficult as there are no surf shops in the Main Beach but occasionally the guys from the 1st Wave Surf School can help you out with some surfboard rental from their location at the Southport Surf Club. Main Beach is located about 5 minutes drive north of Surfers Paradise and 1 hour south from Brisbane. It is the closest surfing beach to Brisbane and the northern Gold Coast suburbs. Narrow neck and The Southport Spit are the most popular surfing beaches in Main Beach, however good waves can be found all through the area especially in the early mornings or when the wind is blowing from the north west direction. MAIN BEACH SURFBOARD RENTAL Main Beach Surfboard Rental caters for all levels of surfer and has a huge range of surfboards available for hire. Whether you would like to hire a mini mal, shortboard or longboard it doesn’t get any easier than having your rental surfboard delivered to you at your Main Beach accommodation. Gold Coast Surfboard Hire is regularly delivering surfboards in Main Beach and some of the most popular hotels and holidays buildings include the Sheraton, Seaworld Resort, Maldives, Pacific View, Deville, Chidori Court, Hibiscus, Carrington Court, Narrowneck Court and Beachside Tower. The guys that offer the Main Beach Surfboard Rental are local surfers who have been involved in the surfing and tourism... read more

Hire a Mini Mal Surfboard

If you would like to hire a mini mal surfboard on the Gold Coast check out the extensive range available at Gold Coast Surfboard Hire. Mini mal shape surfboards are the most recommended surfboard for progressing beginner and intermediate surfers. You can hire a mini mal surfboard to suit your size and ability with sizes ranging from 7’2 to 8ft. Most of the mini mals surfboards available at Gold Coast Surfboard Hire are the locally shaped Pro-Elite brand made by Stuart Surfboards at Mermaid Beach. If you hire a mini mal surfboard from Gold Coast Surfboard Hire you can have the board delivered to your holiday accommodation. Surfboard hire prices start from $55 for a day or 24 hour hire up to $120 for a 1 week hire, there is no delivery cost and your surfboard will be in good condition, waxed with legrope and ready to surf. Hire a Mini Mal Surfboard on the Gold Coast If you are coming to the Gold Coast for a holiday or business convention and would like to hire a mini mal surfboard be sure to book your preferred board. The mini mals are the most popular surfboards in the entire quiver and are regularly hired out, we have an extensive range of hire surfboards available but to avoid disappointment contact Gold Coast Surfboard Hire and advise your preferred board, dates and accommodation and the hard can be reserved for you. There is no need for prepayment at time of booking, your booking, the surf conditions and delivery details will be reconfirmed a few days before your arrival. If you have friends,... read more