Surf Lessons Gold Coast

surfing lesson gold coastSurf Lessons Gold Coast provide unique surfing experiences for beginner and intermediate surfers. Many surf schools these days provide stand up or your money back surf lessons, we call these Instagram lessons and they are great fun if you just want to have a go. However there are other surf school providers and surf instructors who provide very unique surf lessons and introduce surfing in a way that will offer an amazing experience and introduction to a beach culture and surfing lifestyle .

Reagan is a born and bred Gold Coaster who has spent most of his life hanging out and surfing on the Gold Coast beaches, he has been a qualified surf instructor for nearly 20 years and now specialises in private surf lessons and personalised groups. By having a private surf lesson with a casual time frame you get to experience surfing in a way that a local surfer would.  You arrive, check the surf, have a chat, check the surf again, make a plan of where to surf, go and get your board ready, have a chat, check the surf, go down the beach and have a surf, come in and have a chat, check the surf, have a shower and dry off, have a coffee or snack, have a chat, crack some jokes, tell tales about the best wave, check the surf and then go home.

Private Surf Lessons Gold Coast

Surf lessons Gold Coast provide surfing experiences on the northern and of the Gold Coast at Main Beach and Surfers Paradise, all surfing equipment is provided and only current model quality equipment is used. The cost of private surf lessons is only a bit more than a standard Instagram group lesson that the bigger surf schools provide, why join a group of 20 people all fighting for waves and the attention of the rookie surf instructor when it’s very easy to find a local surf instructor who will provide you with a very special experience.

surf lessons Gold CoastPrivate personalised group surf lessons are perfect for families, kids or just a bunch of friends. Everyone knows each other, its great fun to share the experience with family and friends and laugh at each other and with each other, plus share the thrill when someone gets a great wave of they stand up for the first time. Small groups are also a great for the instructor because he/she gets to spend some personalised time with each person and fine tune the skills which are specific to them.

Surf Lessons Gold Coast has many options for private surf lessons and personalised groups, can choose or customise a surf experience to suit you

  • 1 on 1 private surf lesson
  • 2 on 1 semi private surf lesson
  • Private group surf lesson
  • Personalised group surf experiences
  • All day surf and beach experience
  • Surfing and Stand up paddle experiences
  • Surfing lesson and surfboard hire packages
  • Kids Surfing Birthday parties

Surf Lessons Gold Coast is promoted by the 1st Wave Surf School, a locally owned original Gold Coast Surf School which has been operating since Year 2000


Don’t just settle for a quick stand up or your money back Instagram surf lesson. Become a surfer!

For a private personalised surfing experience on the Gold Coast contact Reagan – Phone 0410 400 800

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