Surf Shops In Broadbeach

surf shops in broadbeachSurprisingly there are only a couple of surf shops in Broadbeach. You would think with it’s central location in the middle of the Gold Coast there would be a selection of surf shops. Unfortunately there are only a couple of shops and you wouldn’t call them core stores.

Rip Curl and Inside Surf do have small ranges of surfboards but they are more catered for the clothing and fashion shopper. Don’t walk into these shops and expect to find a huge range of local and international shaped boards, you may get a leg rope and wax but the range is more suited to the tourist looking for convenience. You could wander a little further south to the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre where you will find Billabong, Surf DiveN Ski, Quiksilver, Roxy, City Beach and some other surf clothing shops but these surf shops only have display boards and fashion.

Surf Shops In Broadbeach

Unfortunately you won’t find any core surf shops in Broadbeach and this means you won’t find any surfboard rental either. Don’t bother looking for surf shops in Broadbeach that offer surfboard hire, the easiest surfboard hire in Broadbeach is right in front of you.

surf shops in BroadbeachView through the extensive range of rental surfboards available on the website and then let us know which surfboard you want, the dates you need it and where you would like it delivered.  That’s right, we offer FREE DELIVERY to all holiday accommodation in Broadbeach and across the Gold Coast. Surfboards are available for hire by the day or week. Don’t bother with the hassle of going to the surf shops in Broadbeach looking for surf board rental. No longer you do you need to lug your surfboard with you when you travel to the Gold Coast and it also could work out cheaper to hire a surfboard rather than pay expensive excess baggage fees to the airlines.

Gold Coast Surfboard Hire provides the easiest and most convenient surf board rental on the Gold Coast and is the No.1 choice recommended by building mangers, accommodation receptions, hotel concierges, tour desks and booking services.

Unfortunately you won’t find any core surf shops in Broadbeach, however not too far away at Mermaid Beach, Nobbys Beach, Currumbin and Coolangatta you will find some of the best surf shops in Australia. The closest surf shop to the Broadbeach area that stocks a huge range of new and used locally made surfboards is Stuart Surfboards.

surf shops in BroadbeachStuart Surfboards is located on the Gold Coast Hwy approx 500 metres south of the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. They have been shaping surfboards on the Gold Coast for many years and have an excellent reputation for quality made surfboards catering for all levels of surfer.

Gold Coast Surfboard Hire can offer advice on any surfing related matters in Broadbeach. Ask us for information on local surfing conditions, wind and tide predictions, swell, best banks, more suited boards and of course the surf shops in Broadbeach and surrounding suburbs.

If you require surf board rental in Broadbeach contact us and we’ll deliver a surfboard to you today.


Surf Shops in Coolangatta

surf shops in CoolangattaThere are a lot of surf shops in Coolangatta, ranging from small local surf shops to international stores. The southern end of the Gold Coast boasts to have some of the best waves in the world with a selection of world class breaks all within a short distance. With the quality of surf in the Coolangatta area and the amount of local and visiting surfers you will find a surf shop to satisfy your needs.

Most surf shops in Coolangatta are located in Griffith Street, which is the main drag, just one street back from the beach. Whether you want to check out some locally made boards, or the latest shapes from international shapers or are looking for mini mal or learn to surf board all these shops are well equipped. All are well stocked with the latest surfing accessories, leg ropes, fins, wax, board bags, suncream, boardies, bikinis, wetsuits, hats, caps, towels and anything else related to the beach or surf. If you need something for the surf, the surf shops in Coolangatta can help you out.

Surf Shops in Coolangatta

Here are some of the best surf shops in Coolangatta:

Most surf shops in Coolangatta offer hourly surfboard hire and have a range of beginner soft boards and mini mals. However when it comes to daily and weekly hire it can become difficult to hire a suitable performance surfboard.

surf shops in coolangattaGold Coast Surfboard Hire has a huge selection of rental surfboards listed on the website. You can choose the board you want to hire and we will deliver it to you.  This is the difference between our unique surfboard hire service and the surf shops in Coolangatta and the Gold Coast.  Hourly surfboard hire can be very expensive plus you will have to go to surf shop after surf shop trying to find a suitable board.

When it comes to surfboard hire in Coolangatta it doesn’t get any easier. Hire a board for a day or a week, you can reserve the board you want but also swap it during your hire period if it’s not the right one. With good scheduling we can meet you at your holiday accommodation when you are checking in. We prefer to deliver in the afternoon but the hire period starts from the next day, if you can squeeze in a late afternoon surf that’s ok with us.

Check out the surfboard hire Quiver:

surf shops in CoolangattaCoolangatta is the mecca of surfing on the Gold Coast and the surf shops in Coolangatta have some of the best ranges of boards you will find anywhere. Whether you need to hire a board or purchase a new surfboard or surfing accessories make sure you make a visit to the local shops to see what they have. Plus if you want some local advice the guys that work in these shops will be totally dialled in to the best waves in the area and the right equipment.

Coolangatta surfboard hire and rental is available by the day or week, We offer free delivery to all holiday accommodation in the Coolangatta area. Reserve your surfboard today.

Surfboard hire that is Easier, cheaper and more convenient!

Phone Reagan 0410 400 800 

Gold Coast Surfboard Rentals

Gold Coast Surfboard Rentals has a huge range of surfboards, bodyboards and wetsuits available for daily and weekly rental.

Phone 0410 400 800 to arrange your surfboard rental today.

The cheapest surfboard rental on the Gold Coast is by hiring a surfboard for a whole day or week. Hourly surfboard hire can become very costly.

Gold Coast surfboard rentalSurfboard Rentals Prices:

Gold Coast’s No.1 Surfboard Hire!

  • 1 day surfboard rental (24 hours) – $55
  • 2 days – $70
  • 3 days – $80
  • 4 days – $90
  • 5 days – $100
  •  6 days – $110
  • 1 Week Surfboard Hire – $120
  • Each consecutive day up to 8 – 10 days – $10 per day
  • Each consecutive day 11-15 days – $5 per day
  • 2 Week Surfboard Rental – $175

Gold Coast Surfboard Rentals is a specialised surfboard hire business that offers FREE DELIVERY to the entire Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Surfboard Rentals Quiver:

Gold Coast Surfboard RentalsCurrent Model surfboards in good condition, ready to surf with legrope, waxed and optional surfboard cover.

  • Shortboards (current models)
  • Fishes
  • Funboards
  • Mini Mals
  • Hybrids
  • Malibus
  • Beginner Surfboards
  • Kids Foamies
  • Body Boards
  • Wetsuits

Gold Coast Surfboard Rentals FREE Delivery:

We offer FREE DELIVERY to all Gold Coast accommodation in these areas.

  • Southport
  • Main Beach
  • Surfers Paradise
  • Broadbeach
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Nobby’s Beach
  • Miami
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Palm Beach
  • Currumbin
  • Tugun
  • Kirra
  • Coolangatta
  • Greenmount
  • Rainbow Bay
  • Snapper Rocks
  • Tweed Heads

Gold Coast Surfboard RentalsThere are lots of surf shops on the Gold Coast but only a few offer surfboard hire and it can be hard to find a suitable sized surfboard.

All our rentals surfboards are listed on the website so you can choose the surfboard you want. It can all be arranged before you arrive and you know you will be able to hit the surf as soon as land on the Gold Coast.

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For Private Surfing lessons on the Gold Coast we recommend the 1st Wave Surf School at Main Beach.

Gold Coast Surfboard Hire

Gold Coast Surfboard HireGold Coast Surfboard Hire services the entire Gold Coast with Free Delivery to hotels, holiday apartments, backpacker hostels, airBNB houses and all buildings along the coastal strip.

Gold Coast surfboard hire is a specialised surfboard hire service that is run by born and bred Gold Coast locals who have 20 years experience working in the local surfing and tourism industry. We are happy to share our local knowledge of the surfing conditions and beaches plus anything else that you need in the area you are staying. This is includes coffee shops, markets, shopping, restaurants, take-away food, pizza, activities, public transport and anything else happening in the area.

Gold Coast Surfboard Hire

Gold Coast Surfboard HireWe focus on great service and having current model surfboards available which suit all levels and styles of surfing.

This means you do not have to bring a surfboard on your next visit to the Gold Coast. Whether you are coming for a quick work trip or conference or if it is the annual family holiday, our specialised surfboard hire service can make travelling easier for you.

Check out the awesome range of hire surfboards on the Gold Coast Surfboard Hire website, simply choose your surfboard and let us know the dates you want it and where you are staying. Prices are by the day or week and the longer you hire it the cheaper it gets. You may be surprised how expensive it can be to bring a surfboard on a plane flight. Check out the range or surfboards and consider your options, you might find it is easier and cheaper to have Gold Coast Surfboard Hire deliver a surfboard to your accommodation.

Gold Coast Surfboard Hire cater for all levels of surfer.

Learn to surf beginner soft boards – We have a huge range of foamies for hire ranging in size from 6ft for the kids up to 9ft for the bigger guys. If you have had a few surf lessons hiring one these boards will let you practice and surf whenever you want to work.

Mini Mals – Our mini mal range is perfect for all levels of surfer, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced surfer you will have fun hiring a mini mal for a few day for a week.

Fishes – Our fish shaped boards are in the larger size and designed for progressing intermediate surfers. if you have done your time on a mini mal and want to try a shorter board or the next step have a go on one of these.

Performance shortboards – These are for the experienced surfers, check out the swell prediction and choose a board that will suit.

Malibus – Perfect for cruising on the southern point breaks, we have a range of longboards for style masters or just those who want to have a nice easy surf.

Gold Coast Surfboard HireGold Coast Surfboard Hire is the easiest and cheapest way to hire a surfboard on the Gold Coast. We do a board run and deliver rentals surfboards to  Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Nobbys Beach, Miami, Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach, Currumbin, Tugun, Kirra, Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Snapper Rocks.

Reserve your surfboard today.

Hire a Surfboard

You can hire a surfboard on the Gold Coast from a few surf shops, most have beginner soft boards and older well used mini mals. If you want to hire a quality surfboard at a very reasonable price then check out the quiver of boards available on the Gold Coast Surfboard Hire website. You can hire a surfboard by the day or week or even longer.

The problem with hiring a surfboard from a surf shop is you have to find the shop, which can be painful if you don’t have a car.  Then you don’t know what surfboards they have available and you’ll probably end up renting something you don’t want, plus you have to work in with their opening and closing times.

Hire a surfboard

hire a surfboardIf you want the best surfboard hire on the Gold Coast let us know where you are staying and when you want to hire a surfboard and we will deliver it to you. Our specialised surfboard hire service offers free delivery and pick up.

This is where we differ from the surf shops on the Gold Coast, we do a surfboard hire run that stretches from  Main Beach to Coolangatta including Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, Tugun, Kirra and Rainbow Bay. Choose your rental surfboard from the boards that are available on the website, let us know the dates, the address and then arrive and we’ll meet you there.

You can hire a surfboard from as little as $55 for a one day rental. Surfboard hire prices are by the day or week, $55 for a day or $120 for 1 week. We believe this is the cheapest way to hire a surfboard on the Gold Coast.

There are some surf schools and surf shops that hire by the hour or half day, this can be a very expensive way to hire surfboards, plus you’ll probably be stuck surfing a beginners soft board or waterlogged plastic surfboard. Gold Coast Surfboard Hire is a specialised surfboard hire business that caters for the needs of travelling surfers. Whether you are staying for a day or week we can help you out. Check our the range of surfboards and reserve your rental surfboard today.

If you require surf lessons on the Gold Coast we recommend the 1st Wave Surf School at Main Beach. Contact them for private surf lessons, group learn to surf lessons, stand up paddle lessons and tours and SUP hire.

For any enquiries please contact Reagan on Mobile 0410 400 800

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