Learn To Surf Boards

If you’re new to surfing and still trying to find your feet, then these learn to surf boards are what you want to start on. Made from hardened foam, they are perfect for first timers as they are more buoyant and stable in the water than fiberglass designs.

Learn to surf boards are also a lot thicker than standard boards, making it easier to catch waves. This thickness allows them to float a lot better, meaning they won’t get ripped away when a wave breaks on you.

Learn to surf boards are also a safer option. Being a beginner you’re probably going to fall off a few times and get hit by your board. Foam is a lot softer than fiberglass, making these boards less likely to hurt you, and less likely to be damaged.

If you would like to have a learn to surf lesson we recommend the 1ST WAVE Surf School at Main Beach.

softboards for hire

6ft Softboard

  • Brand: Softech
  • Size: 6ft
  • Description: Kids softboard, perfect for little kids to start surfing

learn to surf soft board for hire

 7ft Softboard

Brand: Softech
Size: 7 ft
Description: A good size for kids, teenagers and small adults, nice and buoyant, stable and easy to catch waves

softboard for hire

8ft Softboard

  • Brand: Softech
  • Size: 8ft
  • Description: The perfect learning size, plenty of buoyancy, this size is suited to most adults

softboards for hire

9ft Softboard

  • Brand: Island Softboards
  • Size: 9ft
  • Description: A nice big soft board for the bigger guys, this is a big board designed to make it very easy to catch waves and offer plenty of buoyancy and stability to help beginners catch their first waves.

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