Yoga For Surfers

It’s common knowledge that Yoga is one of the best physical exercises for your general health and well-being. For serious surfers, Yoga is a perfect way to increase flexibility, improve overall strength and condition your body.

For a few years now Gold Coast Surfboard Hire has been using Peggy Hall’s Yoga for Surfers DVDs and we can honestly say it is one of the best training series available.

The Yoga routines included in the DVDs are specific to the sport of surfing and work on the areas of your body you use most when out in the water. There are a number of breathing exercises to help increase your lung capacity for next time you get wiped out. There are also a number of movements that are focused purely on the bio-mechanical requirements of surfing.

As is the case with most exercise DVDs however, once you get used to the training involved and start to improve, you generally start to lose interest in it. But this series is not like that at all. Every time you feel you are progressing, there is another challenging DVD just around the corner.

Gold Coast Surfboard Hire cannot recommend this training series enough. If you are serious about your surfing and want to take your fitness to the next level, look no further than this DVD collection.

The reality is, if you wish to continue surfing into your old and grey years, then you really have to start looking after your body. Yoga is one of the best ways to do this, especially when it is specifically designed to target surfers’ needs.

Peggy Hall also offers a number of free stretching exercise and techniques on her website, so if you’re not sure you want to buy her Yoga DVDs right away, signing up for the free exercises is a great way experience some of the benefits of her products without having to pay.

However, if you are keen on trying out Peggy Hall’s Yoga for Surfers DVDs, you can grab a copy, or find out more information here.

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