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At Gold Coast Surfboard Hire, we are all about maximizing your time in the water and reducing the amount of time you have to spend in hire shops. We are one of the most innovative and client focused surfboard hire services on the Gold Coast, and our aim is to ensure you have the best surfing holiday in your life. At most surf holiday destinations, if you want to rent a board, you can usually only do so for a half-day or a full day. In addition, you have to wait for these hire shops to open, which is likely to mean missing out on some good swell before they even open. It’s common knowledge that the best surf generally occurs at the crack of dawn, and there is nothing more frustrating than missing out on some awesome waves because the hire shops aren’t open yet. It’s also just as frustrating having to end your perfect day early because you have to return your board to the hire shop before it closes. On holidays the last thing you want to have to worry about is time. When you’re in the water, you should be focused on catching waves, and not stressing about when your board needs to be returned. And then there’s the money factor. Hiring a surfboard can be super expensive these days especially when hire shops only offer flat daily rates. Gold Coast Surfboard Hire recognizes these problems and offer a marquee surfboard hire service to save you money, and reduce the hassles of having to go to a surf hire shop every day.

Benefits of Using our Surfboards:

  • It’s cheaper! Unlike most hire shops which only offer daily rates, we provide big discounts the longer you hire.
  • You have a surfboard on hand your entire holiday, meaning you don’t have to rely on hire shop opening hours.
  • Our surfboards are all high quality – we won’t offer you an old damaged board at a premium price!
  • We can deliver to you! Wherever you are on the Gold Coast, we are able to organize a time to drop your board off to you.
  • We’re generous – we are local surfers and happy to share a bit of local knowledge with you. Not just where the waves are best but also hook you up with the best cafes, coffee, markets, restaurants, takeaways, shopping centres etc in your local area.



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