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At Gold Coast Surfboard hire, you can have a surfboard with you for your entire holiday, meaning you’ll spend more time in the water, and less time in queues.

When you’re enjoying a holiday on the Gold Coast, the last thing you want to have to do is go through a daily routine of going into a surf shop, lining up, hiring a board, and then having to return it before the day is even finished.

Having a board on hand is perfect for life on the Gold Coast, where the waves are usually better early in the morning. When you hire one of our boards you will be able to hit the water from the moment you arrive, until the day you head back home, meaning you won’t need to miss out on any good surf during your time here.

Relying on surf shops for daily hire during your holiday can be highly inconvenient. Imagine missing out on an amazing morning swell only because the hire shops aren’t yet open; or having to cut your perfect day short so you don’t pick up a late fee when returning your board.

Hiring one of our boards also means you don’t have to deal with the annoyances that come with travelling with a surfboard, or the risk of your board being damaged during the trip. Why would you bother bringing your own board when you can you choose a perfect shape for you, and have it ready for you the day you arrive on your holiday?

Gold Coast Surfboard Hire also offers a delivery/pick up service, so we can have your board delivered to your hotel.

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